How Do Document Sharing Services Differ from Secure VDR Provides?

Document sharing companies receive the highest excess profitability in international transactions between companies from developed markets.

What Does Document Sharing Service Mean?

The document sharing service includes the following steps:

  1. A copy of the complex conceptual model.
  2. Refinement by a closed, subtle, transparent envelope of elements in a complex conceptual model of objects, associations, and links between them, from which a submodel is formed.
  3. The vividness of the associations and the lines connected to them, so that the call of the shell is lying.
  4. The vividness of the systematic and basic types, which should lie in the shells of service, and do not lose sight of the objects, which lie down to the inner part of the provider.
  5. The overloading of systemic and basic types, which should lie in the shells of service, that may be used to lay down to the inner part of the document sharing service.
  6. Replacing the type of redundant objects, so that the call of the shells should lie and be placed in the middle for the type of “referencing” to the submodel until the original object should be established.

Thus, as a result of the division of a complex conceptual model, we have three sets of elements (objects, associations, and lines of connection between them): “inside”, “outside” and “remainder”. The set “inside” includes elements surrounded by a shell in the second step, the “outside” – elements that were removed in the third and fourth steps. The set “remainder” consists of objects that have the type of “link”, lie outside the shell of the environment, and have connections with objects belonging to the set “inside”.

It is also possible to place employees from different organizations in one office, give them time and space to discuss issues, conduct various surveys, and implement new principles in small groups. These techniques should help the new organization achieve the expected results faster. There is a possibility that a new corporate culture may form itself over time without additional intervention, but it will no longer be possible to change it, and in this case, it is possible to face other negative factors.

The Difference between VDR Providers and Document Sharing Services

A comparative analysis of methods for assessing the effectiveness of mergers and acquisitions is presented, as well as the approaches and results of the study of the effectiveness of international mergers and acquisitions in developed and emerging markets. Based on the analysis of research, the following conclusions are made.

Virtual data room providers in the form of a concession are becoming increasingly popular in the world, as this form of interaction between a private and a public partner creates significant added value for both parties. One of the greatest achievements of concessions – thanks to it the state tasks are solved by private forces’ capital, which is considered more cost-effective than the state. At the same time, the private partner receives a long-term financial interest, which allows him to ensure maximum efficiency in solving the problem set by the state or municipality.

To build software such as data room – the environment of the elements of a complex conceptual model, a method of creating conceptual submodels that take into account the peculiarities of data persistence is proposed. The method involves the analysis of structural features of many elements of a complex conceptual model, namely objects, associations, and lines of connection between them

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