The cost of a virtual data room can lead an inexperienced user to a dead-end – why are they asking so much for regular cloud storage?! The matter is that VDR is a much more advanced technology that reliably protects your data.

But what do users of virtual data rooms pay for, and how much does the security of your information costs: read on.

How VDR works

Virtual data room software implements the following principles in its work.

  • All possible ways of penetration and damage are provided when designing data rooms, including remote and internal channels. The choice of protection means should correspond to potential threats; all of them should work in a complex, partially overlapping each other’s tasks. In this case, it will be more difficult for an attacker to commit data theft.
  • Information security should be several levels of protection, each of which works sequentially. At the same time, the most reliable step is the one that is located deepest and protects the most critical information.
  • All levels of information protection must be equally reliable and correlated with a possible threat from third parties.
  • When introducing information security standards into a company’s work, it is necessary that they prevent possible threats but do not interfere with the company’s activities and access to data by legal users.
  • Good price. The cost of protection measures should be such that the company’s operation remains profitable.
  • Means of protecting data from unauthorized access must work at all times, regardless of the company’s mode of operation and other factors.

You pay for these things when you buy spaces in a virtual data room.

How much do VDR services cost?

The most exciting question is, what is the data room price of different providers? First of all, it is worth noting that most providers of such services do not have an available price list that can be read on the Internet. This is because an individual list of services is formed for each client, and they are paid, respectively, individually. As a result, prices can reach thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

However, some companies do not hesitate to show their prices.


This company offers a virtual data room for transactions of 3-6-9 months at an open price: of 2.5-4-5.5 thousand dollars for the entire period, respectively. There can be as many users as you like, space – 1 GB. If you are interested in the price for a more extended period, check with the provider.

Citrix ShareFile

Regardless of the chosen tariff plan, each buyer receives a mobile application with two-factor authentication, branding, unlimited users on the client-side and five users on the owner side, and a discount on the annual tariff plan.

The cost of tariffs varies from $55 per month for the minimum to $135 for “full stuffing.” So for each user from the side of the room owner (on top of 5 free ones), you will need to pay an extra from 9.90 to 27 dollars.


Ideal for medium and small businesses. Each tariff implies massive storage (terabyte or unlimited), from 200 to 1000+ users. The cost starts at $12.5 per month and goes up to $500 per month.

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